What Makes A Great Wedding Dj

The wedding reception is a show of thanks to family and friends for participating in your special day. Couples need to focus on making this celebration enjoyable for those in attendance.

To do so, they’ll prepare great food, sweet-smelling flowers, and memorable entertainment. A proficient DJ provides the “feel good” vibe during the event. They’ll prepare well-crafted and skillfully chosen music.

A great wedding DJ is a “one stop shop” for entertainment and sound support. A good one can also provide hosting. In selecting the DJ for the wedding, there are certain traits that you need to look for. Here are some of the key ones:

1. A great wedding DJ listens.

A great DJ will listen to your needs and ensure that he understands your every wish. They will know that you’re entrusting them with a special day in your life. Great DJs take this responsibility seriously, and make your needs a priority. They’ll do everything to make your wedding memorable.

2. A great wedding DJ is professional.

A great DJ exudes professionalism. He first shows it by displaying a great website. A DJ’s website should keep a list of all the services and the equipment they offer. It should let people know what their rates are, where their location is, and how they fare against other DJs. Their site should show rave reviews from previous events that they’ve handled.

3. A great wedding DJ is knowledgeable and approachable.

A great DJ will be approachable and accommodating. This should be clear from your very first interaction, up to finalizing the details of the big event. DJs are thorough in meeting your requirements, and quick to respond to your inquiries. They should go over the smallest detail of the occasion they’ll be covering.

4. A great wedding DJ has a huge music collection.

A great DJ knows a lot of different musical genres. They are familiar with music from different eras and with various tempos. They should have a list of tunes for upbeat dancing, slow dancing, and even classics that people can sing to. They’re capable of catering to requests, and know the way to choose which to play and which to not play.

You can test a potential DJ by coming up with a possible playlist you’d like to hear at your wedding. Add strange or outlandish songs, and see how they’ll take it. Will they make suggestions to better it? Or will they accept your list as is?

5. A great wedding DJ has the ability to read the room.

It’s is one of the most important qualities of a professional disc jockey. The one you’ll hire should exhibit the expertise to “feel” a room. They should have the skills adjust their music to make sure that the guests remain entertained.

They’ll know when to take the tempo up or down, or play classics that everybody knows the lyrics to. They’ll know the best way to keep all guests engaged in the festivities.

6. A great DJ always comes with a backup plan.

No matter how carefully you organize your reception, things can break and go wrong. A reliable DJ comes in prepared with back-up equipment to manage any possible mishap. They in addition will have the expertise to handle any technical problems.

When you interview a potential DJ, ask about previous issues he experienced. Find out what actions he took to fix them.

In looking for a great DJ, look at which one is the most professionally capable. They should have a great attitude, skill, and equipment. But most of all, they should have the ability to help you create a lifetime of great memories. So, ask them about these six questions. Better yet, ask others how they fare as well.