5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Wedding Planner

A wedding is a special, joyful occasion that happens once in your lifetime. Therefore, making it enjoyable and organized should be a priority. Taking care of all the preparations by yourself as a couple can be very stressful, and several problems can arise in the case of poor planning. Hiring a wedding planner to take care of everything on your behalf can make that big day the most beautiful in your life. A wedding planner not only oversees typical wedding events but also does all the legwork and planning.

Here are 5 reasons why people should get a Wedding Planner.

1. Connection with local market

Most professional wedding planners are connected with various local services needed for a wedding. They know where to avail reception staff and caterers and other service providers. Besides, you can get all these services at discounted rates. Therefore, instead of testing several companies, you can rely on one reliable partner.

2. Saves both money and time

Budget matters a lot in wedding planning, especially in the current fluctuating economy. Professional wedding planners understand how to make the best when it comes to budgeting. You should emphasize on hiring a reputable wedding planner who knows proper budgeting techniques. They spend much of their time to chase up and down obscure details that matter in your event.

3. Relieves you from stress

Did you know that the captivating events in life can also be very stressful? However, having someone professional to handle your stressful task is the best decision. By adding their imagination and creativity, a wedding planner can ensure your event runs smoothly.

4. They are the best troubleshooters

Wedding planners know how to resolve issues that can go awry in the course of your event. Therefore, you never have to worry about anything knowing everything is taken care of. They coordinate everything right from meals to seating arrangement among other critical aspects.

5. They provide helpful ideas

Planners have creative ideas that can enhance your wedding occasion. In fact, you can make consultation from them in case you are in doubt. In the case of choosing the right wedding attire, a wedding planner will advise you on how groom, entourage can match the theme of your event. They will also help manage other aspects such as invitations, gifts, and music.


The benefits of hiring a wedding planner come in handy. If you are planning to host a successful event, then think of hiring a wedding planner to do your part. There are tons of professional wedding planners at this site Maui Wedding Planners & Coordinators.

Wedding Reception Suggestions That Will Entertain Your Guests

Entertaining the guests at your wedding party is probably your top priority. The food and decorations at the wedding reception are important, but there has to be something more to add the wow factor to your wedding.
A great wedding singer or disk jockey is a must for your wedding party, but music isn’t the only form of entertainment which you should look at. Here are a few ideas that might make your wedding reception that bit extra special for your guests.

Arcade games

Old-style arcade games is what I have in mind, as these may prove to be a hit which your wedding guests.
There are businesses which rent vintage arcade games which could be easily set up in a designated games room at your wedding party. You could additionally consider getting a pool or billiards table, a foosball table or even table tennis. These games will add a bit of extra enjoyment for your wedding guests.
If someone is not a fan of dancing, they won’t have to remain in the main room of reception. They could shift over to another room and enjoy a video game or two.


Something which has become very well-liked in weddings lately are photo booths, photo kiosks and Selfie pods. These are available to rent from a many wedding accessory companies. They are an inexpensive wedding party entertainment.
If you have a photo booth at your wedding, people will have the chance to pose for pictures with their friends. Most photo booths include props, which means which people could come up with all kinds of fun photos to take. Everyone can take their pictures away with them after the big event.

How about hiring duelling pianos

If you are not a major fan of dancing, but do love music, you should think about hiring duelling pianos. Having two piano players try to upstage one another could be an incredible source of entertainment.
Most of these piano players possess a large repertoire and should be able to play most of the songs which your guests request. These duelling piano players are generally very practiced and professional, and so could contribute greatly to a very pleasurable, musical evening.
Check out if there are duelling pianists in your area, which you can reserve for your wedding. If you have piano players as your wedding entertainment, people should be both surprised and amazed.

Have a dance competition

If the wedding couple love dancing, then why not set up a dancing competition at your wedding. All the dancers will attempt to outdo each other and it would additionally be enjoyable for the non-dancers. A prize for the winner may be a nice touch to contribute to the competitiveness of the dancers.
The dance competition should ideally happen over a short time. If it drags out, the guests might become bored. Thus ideally, set a time limit for each dancer, make certain everybody that intends to participate is giving the chance to perform.
Your DJ may be experienced in conducting dancing compositions and will be the ideal candidate to come up with a collection of dance music for the competition.

Rent a super slide

Are you having an outdoor wedding? If you are, you may wish to think about renting out a super slide. Going down a massive slide will be exciting for all your guests, and it can make for some incredible fun.
If you go this route, you might want to look at other types of outdoor entertainment. Try to make your wedding reception feel like an old-fashioned amusement park.

You want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves and have good recollections of your wedding reception. For this to happen, they need special things to remember. So go above and beyond in your wedding planning to provide your guests with fantastic memories of your wedding reception.