Meditation And Relaxation As Part Of Self Improvement Programs

YouTube is a well-known resource to find experts on all kinds of personal programs for spiritual advice, support and insights. There are many channels on esoteric knowledge that you can easily discover to implement basic daily routines that will help you obtain your personal goals. There are many disciplines to choose from when seeking tips for your life. You can search through astrology channels, intuitive tarot channels, as well as the more traditional self-help gurus.

In essence even though they may appear to be very different in their individual disciplines, they can say the same thing in different ways. When looking to find more peace in life three qualities continue to be suggested.

1. Balance

Many people get too caught up in work and not enough play. Aim for a healthy balance of work and play and you’re sure to feel better.

Watch YouTube videos that help you get out and get moving. Get the kids involved. Focus on allowing yourself to have some fun now and again. Life shouldn’t be all work and no play.

All work and no play make for a miserable life. Too many people retire and then die less than a year later. They didn’t have a work and play balance in their life. Strive to have some fun each week regardless.

2. Meditate

According to statistics, those who take at least 10 minutes per day and meditate lead a much healthier life by not being stressed out. It’s relaxing and healthy to meditate.

Choose videos that teach you to meditate and focus on relaxation. Simply plug these terms (meditate or relaxation) into the search bar on YouTube.

Then watch and learn as you learn how to properly meditate by blocking all negativity from your mind for at least 10 minutes per day. Remember, if you can meditate for longer all the better.

3. Relaxation

This goes with meditation. Learn how to relax. The dishes will still be there in an hour so don’t stress out and think that if you don’t wash them right after dinner the world will fall apart. It won’t.

Watch something relaxing on YouTube and focus on learning to let things go a bit and relax. Your blood pressure and your heart will both thank you.

Learning to relax can be very challenging but it can bring with it a lot of great health benefits including lower blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Finding a person you admire and respect on YouTube that is an expert in their field, whatever that field may be, can help you stay inspired to continue on your personal path of self-discovery. All you need is a little motivation and a small amount of time each day to check into YouTube and click over to your favorite channel and watch a couple of videos.

Tribal Wisdom Inspires The Vision Of A Melbourne Men’s Group

What was the inspiration for the creation of a mens group? We talk to David Mollet, Founder and facilitator of the ‘Mens Fire Circle’ to find out.

One evening a month, in an unassuming suburban back yard in the modern metropolitan area of Melbourne, an assortment of guys, fly in the face of the ill-famed Melbourne weather to sit around an outdoor fire and participate in the ‘Mens Fire Circle’.

Reporter “So tell me, what was it that led to you beginning the Men’s Fire Circle David?”

“It was just after turning 50. For me it was a very substantial milestone and then in the days following I found myself reflecting on life, and in the middle of all of that, one of the matters I was thinking about was how disappointed I was with the quality of spiritual leadership offered in my society as it is today. It seems like our spiritual institutions have dissipated all their moral authority, and I found myself fantasising about what my life would probably feel like if I lived in a tribe where individuals saw themselves as part of a tribe … It was about then that I had an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment and I said to myself “You’ve just turned 50 Dave, that makes you an elder, so just what are you planning to do about it, whinge and pretend you are a baby or man up, be a leader and be part of the solution.”

“That thought certainly hit home and in the following few days I made a decision to begin a Mens group based upon the old customary tribal values of Men getting together around fire to talk over men’s business, and the idea for the Mens Fire Circle was born.”

Reporter: “Why did you go for a Men’s Circle, why not just a circle for every person?”

“That’s a great question. At that time I felt a firm need to look to tribal societies for my vision. I really wanted to get back to something closer to nature, and it seemed to me that in tribal cultures there was a strong weight placed on coming of age events as well as an acknowledgment of both the various needs, and also specific roles among each of the sexes. Additionally I really felt that if in their discernment, tribal leaders had witnessed something useful in men and women getting together by their specific gender to discuss and also guide each other with the specific trials and tribulations common to their own gender, then I concluded, it would definitely be a wise decision for the fire-circle I set up to respect their insight as well.”

Reporter: “To what degree have you noticed the gender exclusive parameters to work, have you found it to be of value or do you miss out on the balance of the feminine?”

“At first I was worried about this, but paradoxically, what I have ascertained is that it appears a lot easier for most men to be connected with their feminine side in circle if females are not present. I believe that there are two points at play with this. One is that, more often than not men desire to give voice to issues they’re having with their intimate relationships, and doing so with their own gender appears to yield them a bit of additional license to exchange openly and also genuinely concerning the way they really feel with respect to ‘the female’ in their lives. I think they acknowledge that other men will likely be able to identify with their issues more effectively. Maybe it’s due to the fact that we have actually all shared the very same cultural conditioning, so we are conducting our lives from the very same assumptions.

The other aspect is, when the fire-circle is all guys, any sex-related diversions are minimised. There’s no striving for the attention of the women, no trying to “make it” with the other sex. With any potential sex-related distractions out of the picture, suggesting this is useful in empowering every person to be far more authentic.”

The Men’s Fire Circle gets together at 7.30 pm on the fourth Tuesday each month, in Greensborough, a residential area of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia. To locate the site which has all the information of events, and also the option of registering for e-mail notifications of the meetings, click on the link or look up the following-

7 Things Deeply Intuitive People Do Differently

Steve Jobs once said that intuition is more powerful than intellect. As it turns out, Jobs was onto something, and the scientific community backs him up. It seems that we’ve been giving intuition far too little respect.

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” — Jonas Salk

In a Salk Institute study, participants were asked to play a card game where they pulled cards from two different decks. The decks were rigged so that one would “win” more often than the other, but the participants didn’t know that — at least, not overtly. It took about 50 cards for participants to consciously realize that the decks were different and about 80 to figure out what that difference was. However, what was really interesting was that it only took about 10 cards for their palms to start sweating slightly every time they reached for a card from the “losing” deck. It was about that same time that they started subconsciously favoring the “winning” deck.


While that’s all very interesting in a clinical setting, you have to ask yourself if it holds true in real life. Apparently, it does. When it comes to making major decisions, your intuition can matter just as much as your intellect.

In one study, car buyers who relied on careful analysis of all of the available information were happy with their purchases about 25% of the time, while buyers who made quicker, more intuitive purchases were happy with their purchases about 60% of the time.

Intuition comes from the primitive brain; it’s an artifact of the early days of man when the brain’s ability to detect hidden dangers ensured our survival. These days, we use this capability so little that we don’t know how to listen to it properly.

Whether you listen to it or not, your intuition is healthy and functioning. If you want to make better decisions in life, you’d do well to brush up on your intuition skills. You can start by emulating some of the habits of highly intuitive people.

1. They slow down enough to hear their inner voice. Before you can pay attention to your intuition, you first have to be able to hear it amid the cacophony of your busy life. You have to slow down and listen, which often requires solitude. Taking some time away from the everyday, even something as brief as going for a walk, is a great way to turn up the volume of your intuition.

2. They follow their inner voice. One of the primary reasons that some people are more intuitive than others is that they actually listen to their gut feeling instead of dismissing or doubting it. And that doesn’t mean that they ignore their analytical mind and their critical thinking skills; there’s a difference between using reason as a system of checks and balances and using it to talk yourself out of what your intuition knows to be true.

3. They practice empathic accuracy. I’d probably lose you if I said that highly intuitive people read minds, so I’ll use the scientific term: empathic accuracy. It’s not magic; it’s an intuitive awareness of what other people are thinking and feeling, using cues such as body language and tone of voice. It’s an extremely powerful form of empathy that helps foster deep connections with other people.

4. They practice mindfulness. “Mindfulness” sounds even more New-Agey than trusting your intuition, but it’s really just a fancy term for focusing on being in the moment. Mindfulness is a great technique to filter out all of the distractions in your environment — and your brain. When you do that, you can hear your intuition loud and clear.

5. They nurture their creativity. Did you ever have one of those paint-by-number kits when you were a kid? Talk about turning art into a science — all you have to do is put the right color in the right little space. You may end up with a pretty painting, but the only intuition involved is guessing what colors you’re supposed to use in those really tiny spaces. No paint-by-numbers kit in the world can make a skilled artist create something as novel and monumental as the Sistine Chapel or the Mona Lisa. The missing ingredient is intuition. And, just as intuition is the secret ingredient in creativity, being intentionally creative strengthens your use of intuition.

6. They trust their gut. Have you ever made a decision and immediately started to feel sick, maybe even kind of clammy? Well, that affective experience is the body’s way of informing you that the decision your analytic mind came to is at odds with your instinct.

7. They analyze their dreams. If you accept the science that demonstrates the power of intuition, it’s not much of a leap to accept that our dreams are often manifestations of intuition. Sure, sometimes dreams are nonsense, but they often try to tell us something. Intuitive people don’t just think, “Wow, that was a weird dream!”; they ask themselves, “Where did that come from, and what can I take away from it?”

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