How To Use Intuition As Your Inner Guide

We second guess such feelings and don’t allow ourselves to stop ourselves from doing something stupid. Are you tired of second guessing yourself? Are you tired of wishing you’d listened to your innermost voice? Let’s change that. Let’s find ways to learn to listen and focus on our best intuition and divination that we’re born with.

Everyone has a different way to go about this. Some will choose numerology (using numbers to direct their lives) others will choose astrology (using the stars to direct their lives) regardless of how you choose to do it, you can learn to listen to your innermost voice and trust your natural born instinct to be more confident and successful.

Reset Your Priorities

Start by resetting your priorities. Your priorities will help you to self-center and balance. Without balance, you’re going to find that your intuition can’t work properly.

Take a deep breath and focus on creating your life as you want it to be. Do you want power? Do you want wealth? Do you want happiness?

Take your mental energy and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Design your life to be as you want it. If you want your life stress free, let go of things that make it stressful.

This should include people that make your life stressful. While you may have to deal with some people who stress you out, you don’t have to own their stress. Simply let it go and move on.

After you reset your priorities you’ll have a few more steps to take.

Rebalance Your Life

Many people find that their lives are off balance. They can find balance in their divination tools (again, this is different for everyone and may include rune stones, astro-guide , numerology, fortune tellers etc.).

Allow yourself to let go of things that don’t fit properly into your life. Stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and vice versa.

Give yourself time to list out what makes you happy and what annoys you. Be brutally honest in this list.

List out ways to deal with things that you can’t change and ways to get these things out of your life. Do you avoid toxic people? Do you simply not show up for events or do you focus more on ways to function around them?

There are many ways to go about these things so find the ones that will help you the most.

Learn To Listen To Your Innermost Voice

Now, sit back for a few minutes and review what you’ve listed out and how your intuition may have played a part of these things.

Did you previously tell yourself to avoid someone specific? Yet you didn’t listen and now you’re stuck in a situation you don’t like?

That was your innermost voice. Learn to listen to this voice and focus on why you’re hearing it in the back of your head.

Now it’s time to begin listening as you go through the rest of your life. If you’re about to do something and your mind tells you to “wait”. Then wait by all means.

This is your intuition kicking in and something isn’t right and you need to stop before you’re stuck in something.

Benefits Of Listening To Your Innermost Voice

Now that you are training yourself to listen to your innermost voice, you’re likely wondering how it’s going to change things for you.

There are many benefits to listening to your innermost voice. You’re going to find that you’re more confident and successful in your life.