Traits Of Narcissistic Men

Narcissism Is A Recognized Mental Condition And Personality Disorder In Which A Person Sees Oneself As Being More Important Than Everyone Else Around Them. They Are Obsessed With Themselves And Expect Everyone To Follow Their Lead And Praise Them For What They Have Done And Often Show A Lack Of Empathy For Other People Around Them, Even Their Lovers.:

Someone could ask Am I dating a narcissist after observing their partners behavior.

Here are some of the traits of narcissistic men:

1.) No commitment in the relationship
If you have been dating for quite some time and you feel that your man does not seem to show serious commitment to your relationship, it could be a matter of grave concern, especially of you can see that the reasons given for the action are selfish. A narcissist often tries to maintain a relationship with someone even without showing commitment to take the next step of marriage – while continuously looking for someone he thinks is better than his current girlfriend or date.

2.) He follows no rules
Narcissists regard themselves so highly and superior and often believe that they cannot be bound by rules of any kind. Simple instructions like speed limits and being denied entry to some places sparks their anger and they are likely to ignore the instructions. Men who are narcissists enjoy breaking rules, even those agreed upon with his girlfriend or wife.

3.) He looks down on others
Because narcissists are insecure yet still want to portray themselves as better than others, they will put on a show of superiority and seek to put others down in order to exalt themselves. They see their neighbours, friends and workmates as being inferior, clueless.
They pretend to love their partners at the start of their relationship but the jokes and praises they heap on them are usually interlaced with insults on their family history, sense of fashion, physical outlook, their academic history and other issues, just so that they can feel better about themselves.

4.) They are insensitive to your feelings
Men who are narcissists do not really pay much attention to their partners feelings, often leaving the people they are dating feeling neglected and hurt. Though at the beginning of a relationship they appear loving and caring, they soon lose interest and move on, leaving a trail of broken hearts in their wake.

5.) They react negatively when they fail to get what they want
Narcissist men love to get their way and cannot stand being rejected or disappointed and when they do not get what they want, they are bound to overreact in a negative manner. Their responses are varied. They can throw tantrums, make personal attacks on their lovers and even threaten to cut links with them or withdraw their affection from them.
When they do not get what they want, they make themselves look like victims and try to emotionally coerce their partner to do their bidding by heaping blame on them.