My Spiritual Journey And How It Has Given Me A Higher Purpose

How do you view faith and spirituality? I’m a true seeker, and my walk with God has shaped every aspect of my life. My spiritual quest has definitely led me to a higher purpose. What is my higher purpose? It’s to be obedient and helps teach others about spiritual truths no matter what religion one professes. It’s everyone’s higher purpose to be the best person one can be. Our focus is to be a good person and love one another.

There is so much about life that isn’t perfect. We know what to do, yet we always make mistakes. Even the small mistakes have their consequences. Obedience isn’t easy, especially since we tend to be selfish creatures. How selfless are you? I have a difficult time with this just like everyone else, and what we must remember as one of our focal points is to love our neighbor.

I wanted to find a way to be more structured and disciplined in my faith and practice. Not simple platitudes or trite sayings but something real Astrology helped me see where I was my own worst enemy and why personal discipline was so difficult for me. Understanding my strong Jupiter and weak Saturn in my chart confirmed my desire for spiritual seeking and helped me know what to do for more routine practice of prayer and faith.

It’s easy of course to love people that always love you back. You love your family, your friends and even people that are generally just nice to you. However, when a coworker lashes out or a random person shouts out an insult, it throws us on the defensive. A whole new person can emerge, one that doesn’t even think for a minute about what’s wrong with the person or that he or she might need help. We get angry, don’t we?

Part of our higher purpose as human beings is to grow each day in love and kindness. We need to make sacrifices, not choosing to live for ourselves. That leaves out all kinds of instant gratification, which is very hard to dismiss these days. When we make the right decisions, however, blessings come our way. God is helping us to do his work in this world.

There are certainly other faiths that believe in love and kindness. What are you experiencing along your own personal spiritual journey? How long have you been on that journey? One thing for sure is you will be on it for the rest of your life, we all will. It feels good to listen, exercise patience and make the right decisions.

Making the wrong decisions comes with consequences, and it hinders our spiritual journey. My great aunt would say that it keeps us circling the mountain. Not being obedient can certainly hinder our spiritual journey and keep us complacent for sure. We must listen and follow the wisdom from our higher self so that we can help others in their life path.