Is A Granite Headstone A Great Option?

A void is left when you lose a loved one that cannot be filled by anyone. The grieving process is very painful and losing a loved one is something families really struggle with. Long after an individual is gone, all that remain are memories to live with. However, the mortal remains of the person will need to have their designated spot within a cemetery. That is where a headstone is placed and it carries all of the loved one’s relevant information.

Over the years there have been many changes made to headstones. They are much different than they were in the centuries before us. Headstones are an essential part of our history. They assist us with identifying the times and life of the individual buried there. For historians they are a kind of documented proof.

The memorial headstones of today continue to change with the modern times. Bodies these days are being cremated more often due to both lack of burial space as well as the fact that the option is more environmentally friendly. Even when a body is cremated the deceased is given a memorial. Also, a headstone can still be installed in a cemetery.

You need to be careful when selecting a headstone. If you want it to last for a very long time, then your best option is a granite headstone. Granite headstones require only a minimum amount of maintenance, are long lasting and are very sturdy as well. Even permanent headstones these days are different. In the past, a simple plaque-like headstone was used for marking an individual’s grave. They are made of either granite or bronze. At times, the two may be combined. Usually it is placed directly over the ground and at the head of a grave. It helps with preserving an individual’s memory.

For a permanent memorial, a bronze headstone is a good option. They usually include a bronze plate along with special designs and lettering and important details like the person’s name and dates for their birth and death. The bronze plate gets attached to the granite slab and then the beautiful memorial is installed within the cemetery.

In times past, permanent memorials had massive upright sections of sculpted stone, where information was written about the individual on the marked grave. This kind of memorial still does exist these days. However, they are now used for marking a set of graves, like the graves for an entire family. The smaller headstones, along with the large upright headstones provide the whole family with a complete memorial.

‘Pre-need’ memories are available that many people make arrangements for before their deaths. Those headstones have the inscription of the individual’s name at the time they are purchased. For two names, both names will be inscribed. The date of the deaths get added later.