Alice Bailey And The Teachings Of Ageless Wisdom

Alice Bailey was born in Manchester, England and lived through the early to middle part of the 20th Century fast becoming an authoritative writer of over twenty-four books about theosophy. In her books, she became noted for using the term New Age. All of the concepts were dictated to her telepathically through a wise Tibetan named Djwal Khul and they had close ties with the teachings of Ageless Wisdom. Bailey wrote about this philosophy much like Madame Blavatsky.

The Ageless Wisdom has been handed down to humankind from ancient times. However, it is believed that humans have to evolve more in order to understand its varied concepts. It explains things like how the universe came to be, how it functions and what mans place is within it. Bailey wrote about the concepts as she lived further dedicating herself to the commitment of teaching this esoterism.

In Baileys books, she dedicates one topic for each. She teaches of the Seven Rays or the psychology of the soul in one, White Magic or Discipline in another and so on. Her books offer an unmatched approach to teaching the path of spiritual evolution. They cover these teachings along with instructions for following the new wisdom using service and meditation.

The Ageless Wisdom that she lived to share encompassed how humans are a spark of God. Each being is expressing this spirit through a physical body. Humans are all divine but many people only express it in a limited way. With the help of her writings, it is possible to study and learn to be a more spiritually evolved person.

Some ways people become more divine is through the process of reincarnation. If a person cannot master certain things in one life, he or she will be reincarnated and go through another in order to advance. People grow to live in different cultures and religions through one lifetime after another. They experience life both as males and as females as they journey towards God or the Source. Reincarnation embodies the concept of karma which is also known as the Law of Cause and Effect.

Besides writing, she lectured and established a publishing company called Lucis which means light in Latin. She did this to make the teachings of DK available to all. Baileys work is still studied and widely read to this day. She was also credited with introducing the Age of Aquarius to the masses.